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Rainbow Six: Patriots

Rainbow 6 is back! As leader of the elite Rainbow 6 counter-terrorism unit, you alone are the last line of defense against a new homegrown terrorist threat.
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Customer Reviews for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Review 1 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
cant wait
Posted on:1/7/13
Location: Chicago, IL
cant wait for rainbow six i'm a big fan of tom clancy all the games from the old and new game systems also all of his books and all of the splinter cell games also cant wait for splinter cell blacklist
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Review 2 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Rainbow is back...FINALLY!
Posted on:1/6/12
Location: Jersey
Been waiting for this one for a while now. Vegas 2 left me with high expectations going into the next Rainbow and I doubt that the crew will let me or any of the other RS fans down. The best FPS in my opinion. Very realistic. Graphics WERE very good at the time Vegas 2 came out, now with battlefields and Black ops/MW3 of course graphics look cartoony. Don't listen to the one bad comment that was posted because Rainbow six will have sick graphics and the gameplay will be awesome if it's anything like the ones before. Not to mention that RS has THE BEST online gameplay from a FPS. I have played MW2 & 3(which are the worse FPS IMO), Socoms, and Battlefields, but I can say that the intense gameplay, strategy, and overall action I got from Rainbow six is far superior to those games. If you want an easy game with cheap/unrealistic weapons and killing devices also filled with a bunch of kids play CoD, if you want a very very good FPS but with many bugs that you can barely play online with your crew theres BF3, and if you want the best that FPS have to offer play Rainbow Six.
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Rainbow6 Best Shooter game ever!
Posted 11/27/12
I'm a RBV2 fan forever.You can always add a little but never take away from the original. I been waiting since I played RB6V2. I'm so excited its right around the corner.COD,BF3,SOCOM, Have nothing on on RB6 Nothing. RB6 rock on! HOOAH!
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Review 3 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Best Online shooter
Posted on:11/20/11
Location: Columbia, SC
I've been waiting forever for a new Rainbow Six to come out!! Tired of the run n' gun Modern Warfare..Love the Tactical gunfights with rainbow six.
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SOCOM: Confrontation - Game Only
6.8 out of 10(81)
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Review 4 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Can't Wait!!!
Posted on:11/4/11
Location: PA
I've always loved the rainbow six games and think they have the best online game modes and pre game lobbies and weapons in the game.
I will deff. be preordering this game
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I just got boosted 1000k....
Posted 11/15/11
Whoever is talking like Vegas 2 wasn't a good game is lame...Vegas 1 & 2 were two of the best games I've ever played. I've been waiting on this game for YEARS!!!! Let me play the early edition on the low right quick...real talk.
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Review 5 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Posted on:6/18/12
tom clancy games have always been my favorite games. ever since splinter cell pandora tomorrow i was hooked. then i found rainbow six and loved it. these games combine action with tactics and allows the player to decide how to go about completing the objective. the story for this sounds intense too and i am very excited. if i had to pick one company to buy games from it would be ubisoft because tom clancy games are the best
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Review 6 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
One of the best FPS if you enjoy a challenge
Posted on:12/2/11
Only reason someone would have something to complain about on a Rainbow six game is because it's too hard for them such as that lower comment down there, Most likely another idiot Modern Warcrap 3 Fan, run in and shoot run in and shoot, Rainbow Six is about tactics not full on being revived right after you die from 50 bullets hitting you, If you want a difficult Fps I'd go with rainbow six, if you want something easy go with Mw3 or Battlefield 3.
10 of 15 found this review helpful.
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Top 250 Contributor
Great Opinion but...
Posted 4/5/12
This game will be one of the best shooters ever created but don't you start on my BF3 it is equal to rainbow 6 in difficulty and all. Try using no tactics on BF3 and see where that gets you!
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Review 7 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Thank You
Posted on:3/13/12
i am so happy to see rainbow six and the other tom clancy tittles making a come back. first with splinter cell conviction, which even though wasnt great still gave them a starting point for SC6 which is going to be awesome. ghost recon future soldier is coming out soon which looks amazing, and then this hopefully next year. these were my 3 favorite games and i think that they will continue to be for the next few years. theyre only getting better and i cant wait to have all their new tittles.
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Review 8 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Rainbow Six
Posted on:11/9/11
Location: T-Oville
Well good thing they are taking their time on this one. Rainbow 6 vegas 2 was the worst game I ever played. They will need to step up BIG to compete in the market. Retool their graphics which were cartoony at best. I remember 2 weeks after the last Rainbow 6 came out.. I was in line to return the game and asked the clerk how many people returned the game. Of course he said most people liked it but when I turned and looked at the wall there was 10 used copies for sale. The worst thing about this is gameinformer rated it 9.5 and it was advertized as the most beautiful graphics ever. Based on cartoons I would say graphics were ok for a CARTOON. The game itself didn't deserve a .5 let alone a 9.5. Hopefully they can redeem themselves. They owe me $60 minus the $25 i got for returning it 2 weeks after it was released.
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Review 9 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Tactics Make a Comeback
Posted on:11/8/12
Location: Albany,N.Y
Ive followed this game since it previewed in Gameinformer 224. It has the full spread and lemme tell you- Tactics are back with a vengeance. Like all other Clancy games Tactics were always on the forefront and it always took precedence over all. Team AI along with Enemy AI has improved drastically. Gone are the days of dummy enemies running into your bullets path. They will use flanking measures, wait till you reload to move. Adjust for fire, pop smoke to conceal movement, grenade to get you out of cover. Team AI is just as sweet, Entering a room is no longer chaos, depending on your movement equipment used team memebers will adjust on the go, if you use smoke to conceal they wont blindly fire, or toss a grenade defeating the purpose of non-lethal entry. Im Excited, reading that article made me happy. Rainbow Six will be getting GOTY
Review 10 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
No More Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
Posted on:4/5/12
Location: Loves This Game!
I am a HUGE Tom Clancy fan! I love the games so much and have played most of the rainbow 6 games and am so excited for another (but better) rainbow 6 Vegas 2. Do NOT get me wrong I love Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, but finally something else in the rainbow 6 world to look forward too! The rainbow 6 games are my favorite because of the mix of FPS and TPS, they blend them so perfectly! This game will not disappoint and once I have enough cash this baby is going on preorder!
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Rainbow Six: Patriots
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Review 11 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
A chance at Redemption for Clancy (The Reviewer)
Posted on:5/24/12
Location: California
I'll go ahead and say it that I am still STEWING over my disappointnment that is Ghost Recon Future Soldier. (And yes, I wrote a review on that one too.) In the video game world, the only* name that hadn't let me down like so many of the others (including Square Enix and Naughty Dog) Tom Clancy remained... That was until the release of Future Soldier. I've said it before and I'll say it again, It seems that NO ONE can make a worthwhile military style game, without hitting on SOMETHING* from Call of Duty Modern Warfare.... I say that to say that I'll NEVER AGAIN, make a midnight release only to be let down. (That has happened FAR TOO MANY TIMES) Yet Tom is about to release Patriot (Rainbow SIx) the ONLY* game now that supports us females on the battlefield - And I have high hopes for this one. I WILL NOT* make the early release because If I am to be disappointed again, it will come by way of me RENTING the game instead of wasting my money. NEVER AGAIN will that happen. THis one looks like a winner and it seems to be the ONLY* shot Tommy Boy Clancy has to win this FAN/GIRL back. Yet it isn't all a loss.... As I've said, never again will I preorder a game. It just isn't worth it. 2011-2012 has NOT* been a good year for releases and there have been FAR MORE let downs than winners.... WIn me back with this one Tom, or you can just scratch this girl off of your list. FOR GOOD.
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Posted 6/28/12
Future Soldier is a great game. Secondly, women aren't in most military style games because... women aren't allowed in combat units anyway. I mean seriously all shooters will at some point fall back on each other. It's how genres work.
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Review 12 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Can't wait!
Posted on:12/5/12
Location: Berlin, CT
Ever since i've played the Rainbow 6 vegas games i've been looking forward to the next R6 title. R6 has given me some of the best multiplayer experience for a shooter and is an awesome series that is long over due for a new installment. In R6 Patriots all I would like to see a better campaign, the ones from the Vegas series were extremely short and just felt like a walkthrough to get the player ready for the online multiplayer. With that aside, I have no doubt that R6 Patriots will be another great shooter to add to the arsenal.
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Review 13 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Better Step It Up
Posted on:6/5/12
Location: ATL, GA
I love me some Rainbow Six, but I was left with a real sour taste after 2. The graphics were sub-par even after all the hype about how good they would be. The online play was god awful lag for an unacceptable time frame (the lag and time it took to fix it, if it ever was). Thank god there is a new team developing this game! I will swipe it up on day one, but it better live up to expectations or I am done with anything Clancy. Don't get me wrong, it is a fire series. However, it better live up.
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Posted 8/11/12
there's a new mission on the horizon for UN aka UNO. if want to be an real elite soldier join UNO CLAN rsv will be awesome
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Review 14 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Thank God six is back.
Posted on:5/31/12
Location: chicago ill
Bout time Tommy boy came fresh with a new six. Been waiting for a while. Now its time to put call of booty on the shelf. Hate those games the most unreal games out there. No one shoots down the sights of a gun in battle nor is there real quick scope in real life. Time to get the MOB back together and get back to some real FPS gaming. Big ups to the new six.
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Posted 12/5/12
If nobody aims down the sights in a real life fire fight then how would they hit the target? Even in real life combat you still look down the sights not spray and pray.
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Review 15 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
Posted on:5/1/12
Location: reality
I am very excited about this game as I am for future soldier this month. I love tom clancy games. but i am skeptical since the whole design team was disbanded and they have a new team on it hopefully they dont screw it up.
Review 16 for Rainbow Six: Patriots
It looks so awesome
Posted on:6/6/12
I am a huge Tom Clancy fan and I am so excited for this. It is going to be the best rainbow six game ever.
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